Rare Amur leopard birth in US zoo gives species hope

A critically endangered mother Amur leopard recently gave birth to a new baby in the world.
As the world’s most threatened big cats, this birth gave conservationists reason to celebrate.

Authorities at the Santa Barbara Zoo have been trying to keep these leopards for a very long time in the name of conservation.

A mother named Ajax gave birth to her first child, and the birth was a big win!

The cub, named Marta, weighed just 1.1 lbs at birth. Dr Barnes, Vice President of the Zoo said: “Based on the video monitoring, the cub appeared strong and active after birth.
“Ajax seems to have settled into motherhood and exhibits good maternal behaviour so far.”

There were concerns that Marta didn’t start breastfeeding in the first 12 hours after giving birth, but zoo authorities have since confirmed things are going positively.
Marta was considered “extraordinary news” for the ‘Amur Leopard Survival Plan’.

There are less than 100 Amur leopards living in the wild and 200 under human care.
The cub and its mother will stay in the background while they strengthen their bond, then “revolutionary with Kasha, the father, in investing energy in their display territory”, the zoo said in the Facebook post.

“Because Ajax is the most trusted female Amur leopard in North America. However, this first cub will contribute significant genetic qualities to the population.”

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