Rare Black Tiger Cub’s Debut: Birsa Zoo Welcomes New Arrivals!

In a captivating event at Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park, affectionately known as Birsa Zoo in Ormanjhi, Ranchi, the arrival of three tiger cubs, offspring of tigress Anushka, has stirred excitement among visitors and staff alike.

Scheduled for their first vaccine shots on July 2 or 3, these cubs mark a significant milestone in the zoo’s conservation efforts.

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Administering the initial vaccination serves dual purposes: safeguarding the cubs’ health and determining their gender.

Following the vaccination process, zoo officials plan to christen the cubs, aligning their names with the cultural fabric of Jharkhand.

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Director D. Venkateswarlu enthusiastically stated, “We will name them once their gender is established.


These cubs will bear names resonating with the social ethos of our state.” He welcomed suggestions from the public, emphasizing the importance of choosing meaningful names that transcend current events.

Despite some unconventional suggestions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Venkateswarlu emphasized the significance of selecting enduring names dissociated from temporary crises.

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With plans to infuse Jharkhand’s essence into the naming process, the zoo aims to foster a deeper connection between visitors and inhabitants.


Currently, Birsa Zoo houses ten big cats, including Anushka’s mate Mallik, a male white tiger named Jawa, and other feline family members.

The addition of these three cubs enhances the zoo’s biodiversity and contributes to the broader mission of conserving tiger populations.

The vaccination process for the cubs signifies the initial phase in establishing the National Register for Tigers (NRT), underscoring the zoo’s commitment to wildlife preservation.


Veterinary doctor Ajay Kumar ensured strict adherence to vaccination protocols, ensuring the well-being of both the cubs and the administering personnel.

Highlighting the health and vitality of the cubs, Kumar stated, “The vaccination is crucial for preventing viral infections.

Anushka received her annual booster dose in May, and the cubs will follow suit on July 2 or 3.” He emphasized the meticulous care provided during vaccination, minimizing discomfort for the cubs.


Weighing between 7kg to 8kg each, the cubs exhibit robust health, closely monitored by zoo staff. Director Venkateswarlu expressed delight at witnessing the playful antics of the cubs, indicative of their thriving environment.

Nurtured with a buffalo beef and chicken diet, the cubs forge a bond with their keepers, fostering a nurturing atmosphere within the zoo.

As the vaccination date approaches, anticipation mounts, signaling a new chapter in the lives of these rare black tiger cubs and reaffirming Birsa Zoo’s commitment to wildlife conservation.


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