Rare Elephant Twins Born at Game Reserve After a Decade: Heartwarming Sight as Herd Supports Newborn Calves

Two incredibly rare elephant twins have been born on the Pongola Game Reserve in south-east South Africa, marking a momentous occasion as sightings of such twins are highly infrequent.

The delightful sight of these unnamed baby elephants was witnessed on the Pongola Game Reserve in Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal. The twins are carefully watched over by their mother, Curve, and the rest of the elephant herd, creating a heartwarming scene on the reserve.

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The birth of elephant twins is an extraordinary event, with less than one percent of elephant births resulting in twins.

The two adorable twin baby elephants and their mother, 31-year-old Curve, in South Africa

The last reported case of twin elephant calves in this area occurred in 2006, born to a cow in Kruger National Park. Such occurrences are infrequent, making the recent birth of the twins at Pongola Game Reserve a cause for celebration.

The mother of these adorable twins is Curve, a 31-year-old cow. It is believed that the father of the twins is Ingani, a 44-year-old elephant bull who sadly passed away just over a year ago.

Despite the absence of their father, Curve is receiving ample assistance from the rest of the elephant herd in caring for her offspring.

Curve takes her young twins to drink alongside another elephant cow and her young

The Pongola Game Reserve management provides space and privacy for Curve to nurse and feed her young ones, ensuring they receive the best possible start in life.

Determining the sex of the twins will be done later, as the priority now is to support Curve in her maternal duties.

Dr. Ian Whyte, an elephant specialist formerly associated with the National Parks Board at Kruger National Park, explained that the survival of both twins is challenging.

The twins hide behind their mother on the Pongola Game Reserve, South Africa

Typically, the mother cannot fully meet the demand for milk by two calves, leading to mortality in one of the twins. By allowing Curve to nurse her young ones without interference, the reserve hopes to give both twins the best chance of survival.

The birth of these rare elephant twins brings joy and hope for wildlife enthusiasts and conservationists as they continue to monitor and cherish this extraordinary moment in nature’s course.

The twins and Curve are being left alone by reserve staff so the three can bond in peace

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