Rare leopard discovered in Taiwan declared extinct since 1983

The Formosan clouded leopard is thought to be extinct as it has not been officially seen since 1983 and was discovered in the wild. The Formosan clouded leopard is the name of the subspecies.

In fact, Taiwanese zoologists examined the area for these big cats. This search ran from 2001-2013. Unfortunately, no big cats were found in the search area. Therefore, it is probably safe to declare them extinct at this point.

However, this has changed now. The leopards have been located
roaming in the wild. The last sighting took place almost 40 years ago. This was in Taitung County in Taiwan. Furthermore, there have been many eyewitness accounts. They claimed the leopard was still alive. Therefore, they should not be extinct anymore. These accounts can be traced back to 2019. Paws Planet confirms this.

Furthermore, these accounts prompted a group of rangers to take action. They decided it was best to search the area. The rangers were able to confirm the good news. They reported two sightings of Formosan clouded leopards. Until now, the leopard was certainly not extinct.

On the other hand, Liu Chiung places his faith in animals. He said that the leopard still exists. However, this is only according to what he believes. He said it was no surprise the animal took so long.

Liu said the animal is brilliant. So this made it hard to catch the trap. Liu Chiung is a professor at the Department of Life Sciences of National Taitung University. This statement was recorded by Live News 43. Next, the Formosan leopard is exclusive to Taiwan.

The Formosan clouded leopard is a lightning-fast predator. They can climb trees in the blink of an eye. Their intelligence has allowed them to hide from humans for several decades! Moreover, they can climb down trees headfirst. This is something very few big cats can do. The leopard is really one of a kind! Hopefully, the authorities will try to restore their numbers.

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