Rare Sight in Louisiana: Pink Dolphins Spotted by Fisherman

In a rare and captivating natural phenomenon, a fisherman named Thurman Gustin had the extraordinary opportunity to witness not one but two pink dolphins in the waters of Louisiana.

This fascinating encounter occurred in a river where Thurman has been fishing for over two decades, highlighting the exceptional nature of the event.

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Thrilled by the sighting, Thurman quickly grabbed his camera to capture the mesmerizing moment. He described how he noticed something unusual just beneath the water’s surface and was astonished when two pink dolphins emerged into view.

These pink dolphins stood out as something extraordinary among the various intriguing creatures he had witnessed during his fishing trips.

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While the area had other dolphins swimming about, these two were the only ones with a striking pink hue.


One appeared notably larger than the other, raising curiosity about their species. Although a pink river dolphin species exists in the freshwater basins of South America, these Louisiana dolphins were likely albino bottlenose dolphins.

Interestingly, one of the dolphins Thurman encountered may be Pinkie, a local celebrity in southern Louisiana. Pinkie gained fame in 2007 when they were first sighted in the same area where Thurman was fishing.

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This captivating creature has garnered a dedicated following of over 20,000 on their Facebook page, where enthusiasts eagerly await updates on Pinkie’s latest sightings, which enthusiastic individuals often share.


While it remains uncertain if Thurman encountered Pinkie or one of Pinkie’s offspring, he expressed his joy at witnessing such a rare and unique event firsthand.

It is moments like these, captured and shared by individuals like Thurman, that allow the rest of the world to share in the wonder of these unique encounters with nature.

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The sight of these pink dolphins in Louisiana serves as a reminder of the beauty and diversity of the natural world, captivating both locals and the broader audience with a fascination for these magnificent creatures.


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