Rare twin elephants calves born at Addo Elephant National Park

A pair of baby elephants, which were twins, has been discovered in Elephant National Park, called Addo, in the Eastern Cape. Here have multiple births for 1% of the elephant’s birth rate, making it extremely rare to appear and see.

In January 2020, these two babies were taken by Jan Smit, who shared these elephants’ images on the social network. Ranger Christo Boshoff also shared the twins’ photos at the Ngulube Waterhole in November 2019.

In the past, other twins were born in Addo Elephant National Park. Twins named Dusk and Dawn were born in 2004 and were the 3rd twins recorded in the park.

Curve, a 31-year-old elephant, gave birth to twins in December 2014, named Dingaan and Shaka, in the Pongola Game Reserve north of KwaZulu-Natal. Elephant expert Ian Whyte revealed that a calf often ‘hoards access to the milk and the less dominant calf cannot feed enough to survive.’ at that time.

The scientists left Curve alone to try to give her a stress-free environment to help her ‘beat mortality.’ At that time, despite the drought in the region, which could affect the Curve’s inadequate nutrient supply and affect milk production, the twins grew.

We talked with Suzette Boshoff, an elephant researcher from White Elephant Safaris. He watched the elephants and stated that the twins, 5 years old. They now have crossed the border into the Jozini Royal Private Game Reserve in eSwatini with their herds, ‘doing well.’

Here is a video of another twin who is also very cute:

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