Rare white raven recovers at North Island Wildlife Recovery Center

A rescue team saved a young white raven. This happened in British Columbia, Canada. The bird was in poor health after being rescued. The rescue took place at the end of May. Therefore, the North Island Wildlife Rehabilitation Center took the bird into the care. Thankfully, the raven is now out of danger. Its health continued to improve with treatment.

The white crow is a scarce bird. Furthermore, their immune systems are compromised. This means that they don’t perform well. This is especially so after they have been hurt in any way. Thus, their survival chances were slim. This makes this bird extremely valuable. It is rare with the same sophistication as a flower.

Derek Downes claims the bird is recovering “pretty well.” The raven just finished his second course of antibiotics. Fortunately, the bird responded very well to the medicine. Moreover, the bird is now completely uninfected. Derek Downes is an animal care technician at the North Island Wildlife Recovery Center. BC Local News has confirmed these facts.

The white raven is being supplemented with vitamins. This is to enhance its health. Therefore, this will improve the bird’s health. The supplements also improve the bird’s immune system. Hence, this will protect it from any infections. Downes also says that stress is a major obstacle to the bird’s health. Stress reduces its health as it compromises the immune system.

The healing process is slow. However, it is getting positive results. Moreover, the raven had to be fed with a tube because it simply refused to eat. The bird’s appetite improved during the healing process. Although the rarity, white ravens are very popular in folklore.

A North American folktale says that ravens were actually white. However, they turned black after giving fire to humans. Meanwhile, another Native American prophecy claimed the ravens would be white again. However, the prophecy will only come true if people become spiritual again. Pets Lady tells readers about this interesting legend.

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