Recently rescued the mother and baby and bringing them back to live in the organization’s care

On August 8, 2021, the founder, Lek Chailert, was contacted by an elephant camp owner to help rescue the mother and baby, bringing them back to live in the organization’s care. The camp owner had not been well for nearly a year, and during this time, she had to leave the camp and her elephants in the care of others.

Due to the lack of income during this COVID crisis, things are more difficult. The owner wants to sell some of her elephants to buy food for the elephants still living with her at the camp. The owner has chosen to let the mom and baby go out of concern for the baby’s health.

They are a young mother and her first child. For that situation, the new mother has difficulty living alone without any support from the herd to take care of her offspring. The baby elephant’s condition was not very good, with a lower than normal body weight and a lethargic, abnormal expression.

Baby Chaba was so tiny and weak.

The mother’s name is Bunma, 16 years old. She is too young to be a mother without a helper or nanny.
She was born in May this year, and her child’s name is Chaba. Gratefully, with the kind support from Noelle Weiss, the team was able to rescue baby Cha Ba and her mother, Bunma, to live freely in Elephant Nature Park. They made the rescue plan as quickly as possible to prepare the night shelter for the baby and mother. They asked Mae Sri to share her space with the (new) Mae Mai to have a night shelter available for baby Chaba and her mom.

The team was rushing to make the enclosure of Mae Sri ready to share with Mae Mai (new).
Mae Sri lives next to the pool, it is very comfortable for Mae Mai to walk to the pool.

Thankfully for the team, they worked really hard and were really quick. The fins for two elephants Mae Sri and Mae Mai (new), were completed within 2 days. So on August 11, 2021, they can take baby Chaba and Mom Bunma to the park.

At first, the team would take them to the park by truck, but Bunma’s mother refused to go in the truck. To ease her stress, they changed their original plan and decided to go for a walk. The journey was without incident. Only Bunma was a little frightened by the sound of traffic along the road.

On the road, baby Chaba walked so fast without fear.
They stopped at the river before we arrive the park, mother Bunma refreshed herself while baby Chaba tried to suck her mommy’s milk.

On August 12, 2021 (Thailand Mother’s Day and World Elephant Day), mother and baby enjoyed the first day of their new life at ENP. Now they are at home. They no longer require a string. The team borrowed Mae Mai’s room for them.

Beautiful Mae Sri is ready to share her enclosure with Mae Mai (new).
Mae Mai (New) walked beside the pool.

The mahout didn’t stay in a nearby tent to keep an eye on the two at night. Children with low birth weight, mothers who do not have enough milk for their children due to early difficulties in raising children, inadequate nutrition, and stress have contributed to their shorter stature. Carers have started an immediate program to aid in a speedy recovery. And they’ll look at who’s best to babysit these newcomers.

On behalf of these two beautiful lives, we would like to thank Noelle Weiss, who helped free them. Thank you to everyone who contributed to their consistent daily care.

The mother Bunma and baby Chaba received a warm welcome with the beautiful fruit cake.
Mother Bunma really enjoyed the cake.
Baby Pyi Mai visited baby Chaba.

This is a heartwarming moment when baby Pyi Mai came to visit and welcome baby Chaba, see how adorable they are: