Record-Breaking Elephant Pregnancy: Baby Born After Two-Year Gestation Period at British Zoo

In a remarkable event at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, Bedfordshire, an Asian elephant named Azizah gave birth after an astonishing 700-day pregnancy, making it the longest-recorded pregnancy at a British zoo. This extraordinary gestation period lasted 84 days longer than the average for elephants.

The arrival of the baby elephant, still awaiting a name, has captured the hearts of zookeepers and visitors alike. Weighing just 16 stone (104 kg) at birth, the newborn is the smallest in the history of Whipsnade Zoo.

Mother Azizah and the newest addition to the zoo’s Asian elephant herd – a baby elephant born after the longest pregnancy recorded at Whipsnade

Concerns arose among the keepers due to the calf’s diminutive size, fearing he might be unable to reach his mother’s milk. However, the clever little calf quickly solved the issue by learning to stand on his tip-toes.


Elephant keeper Lee Sambrook expressed delight at Azizah’s immediate bond with her third calf and how the rest of the herd is excited about the new addition.

You took your time! It took Azizah 700 to give birth to her third baby

For elephants, being social animals, the presence of young ones is an integral part of their community life. The calf has already begun exploring outside the elephant barn, accompanied by the rest of the herd.

As word spreads about the historic and heartwarming event, visitors are flocking to the zoo to witness the newborn playing with his siblings and nursing from his mother.


This incredible journey of a nearly two-year pregnancy has truly amazed everyone involved, and Azizah’s enduring commitment to her baby will be etched in the memories of those who have had the privilege of witnessing this natural wonder.

Big hello: The tiny calf, which is yet to be named, was born last Tuesday and weighed just 16 stone – the smallest recorded at the zoo

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