Record-breaking giraffe born at Southwick in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Zoo is now home to a newborn giraffe that has broken zoo records.

The giraffe named “Dolly” was born about two weeks ago at Southwick Zoo in Mendon.

Standing 6 feet tall and weighing 150 pounds, Dolly is the largest newborn female giraffe in the zoo’s history.

Dolly is currently being bottle-fed because her mother cannot produce her own milk.

Southwick Zoo’s Earth Awareness Day 2021 on Saturday marks the first time Dolly has been shown to the public.

Dr Peter Brewer, the zoo’s veterinarian, said Dolly would not be reintroduced to her mother for about a month. Brewer is also unsure when Dolly will be allowed to exhibit with the other giraffes.

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