Relaxing lion cub chills out in an adorable pose

The adorable cub was photographed just lounging about in a very laid-back position. He tired himself out by attempting to capture his mother’s tail and went to a comfy-looking rock.

Yaron Schmid, 48, snapped the fluffy cub on the brilliant Serengeti in Tanzania. Yaron is a wildlife tour operator and runs his own company called YS Wildlife Photography & Safaris.

“I’ve always liked animals and traveling, and wildlife photography is the perfect blend of the two,” Yaron remarked.

While on a game drive in the Serengeti, we came across a pride of lions atop a rock formation (known as a “kopje”) near Namiri Plains.

“This area is home to big cats. There was just one male, several lionesses, and many young cubs. The adults wanted to rest while the cubs sought to eat and play!

“Their games started with attempting to “catch” their mother’s tail, which was swiping back and forth in irritation.

“They gave up when that didn’t work and turned their attention to themselves.

This cub was very interested in his paws and kept biting, stretching, and touching them, resulting in hilarious situations. He appears to be exercising aerobics/yoga to me.

“Lions are magnificent animals that exist in Africa, but they are actually endangered and require our assistance to survive.

“One of the best things people can do to help animals is visiting them.

“Many African countries rely on tourism, and they will only safeguard their species and parks as long as they generate money.”

You can see more of Yaron’s photographs on his Instagram @YSWildlifePhotography.