Rescue and Healing: Injured Elephant Bull Saved by DSWT Mobile Vet Team

In a remarkable rescue mission on September 26, 2023, the dedicated team at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) sprang into action to save an injured elephant bull in Tsavo West.

This noble creature had sustained a grievous wound to its trunk, but thanks to their swift intervention, a heartwarming recovery story unfolded.

Image 223

The operation began with the DSWT Mobile Vet Team swiftly responding to a distress call regarding the injured elephant.


From the skies, they darted the bull from a helicopter, administering a carefully measured dose of 20 mg of Etorphine Hcl for immobilization.

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In just 12 minutes, the team achieved full restraint, allowing them to gently lay the bull in a lateral recumbency position using ropes.

Upon examination, the veterinarians uncovered a deep and extensive wound that reached the upper part of the elephant’s trunk.


This wound was so severe that it could accommodate a two-foot-long forceps, indicating a likely tusk injury incurred during a bullfight.

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To ward off potential bacterial infections, the bull was administered 100ml of Amoxicillin (Betamox LA®).

Additionally, a soothing green clay paste was applied to the wound, aiding the healing process and minimizing the risk of infection.


Thanks to the swift response and effective treatment by the DSWT Mobile Vet Team, the injured elephant bull received the critical care it needed. This compassionate effort ensures the bull’s journey to recovery and eventual return to its natural habitat.

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