Rescued and Named: A Heartfelt Tale of Godoma, the Baby Elephant

In a gripping rescue operation in Kenya on August 14, a young elephant faced the difficult challenge of a deep watering hole.

Despite the steep sides and visible bruises on her beaten body, this determined calf refused to succumb to the dangers that could have turned the pit into her grave.

Thankfully, swift intervention by Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary conservation scouts saved the day.


The baby elephant had been left stranded, awaiting the return of her herd, crucial for a calf still reliant on her mother’s milk.

As time passed without any sign of the herd, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) stepped in to ensure the well-being of the vulnerable animals.

Rob Brandford, the executive director of DSWT (UK), emphasized the importance of promptly reuniting young orphans with their families, as stress and exposure to harsh conditions can rapidly jeopardize their health.


Recognizing the urgent need for care, the baby elephant, now without a family, was airlifted to the orphaned elephant nursery of DSWT.

This decision, though sad, was imperative for her survival.

The young pachyderm will receive the necessary care and attention for an extended period, helping her recover from the trauma of being stranded and separated from her family.


A poignant Facebook post by DSWT revealed that the baby elephant, named Godoma after the valley where she was rescued, cried all night due to the immense sadness of losing her family.


However, with the comforting presence of other orphaned elephants in the nursery and the affectionate care of her keepers, she eventually found solace.

DSWT, over the years, has been at the forefront of rescuing elephants orphaned due to conflicts or accidental falls into water sources during migratory journeys.


Brandford highlighted the organization’s commitment to providing medical attention to elephants facing disputes over land and water resources as human-elephant conflicts escalate with diminishing habitats.

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