Rescued Baby Elephant Naboishu’s Incredible Journey to Joy and Freedom

In a heartwarming rescue mission, the SWT/KWS Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit received an urgent call on March 27, 2020, about the tragic loss of Namunyak, a beloved elephant in the Masai Mara.

Namunyak, equipped with a radio collar courtesy of the Mara Elephant Project, had been closely monitored by experts to track her movements and those of her herd.

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When Namunyak’s collar stopped transmitting, concerns arose among the team. Tragically, they found Namunyak lifeless, leaving her 18-month-old calf orphaned and in need of her mother’s care.


A post-mortem revealed an abdominal abscess that had ruptured, causing fatal damage to her heart and lungs.

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Wet conditions in the area further complicated the rescue of this helpless calf. Nevertheless, a collaborative effort involving KWS, County, and Conservancy rangers made it possible to tranquilize and rescue the baby elephant.

The SWT Nairobi Nursery sent a team via a chartered plane to retrieve the calf. Upon arrival, they found the calf in good health.


Under the diligent care at the Nursery, the young elephant began a remarkable recovery, gradually regaining its vitality and health. Earning the calf’s trust was a patient and persistent effort from caregivers.

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Initially reluctant to accept milk from a bucket, the calf eventually adapted to bottle feeding.

It took about ten days for the calf to feel at ease with its caregivers, returning to the safety of the fences each evening.


This adorable young elephant bears the name “Naboishu,” a moniker rooted in the Maa language spoken by the Masai people in the region where he was rescued.

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Naboishu’s rescue took plae on March 28 amid the challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic.

Although small, Nahas boishu’s personality is brimming with liveliness and energy, and his name carries deep significance.


Following his rescue, he was released into the forest to join other orphaned elephants. Remarkably, Naboisu seamlessly integrated with the herd despite being the youngest member.

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Naboishu thrived in the nurturing environment of the herd, exuding energy and vitality. He quickly adapted to the daily routine at the Nursery, eagerly anticipating feedings, mud baths, and a safe place to sleep.

Despite pandemic-related visitor restrictions, the young elephants reveled in the lush greenery of the Park and engaged in playful interactions with their devoted caretakers.


The orphans embraced the abundance of bountiful rainfall, particularly relishing playful romps in overflowing waterways and mud pits.

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Naboishu harmoniously blended in with the rest of the herd, receiving affectionate care from Tamiyoi and Tagwa.

The atmosphere was pure joy and contentment despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

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