Rescued Cubs: Tiny yet Tenacious, Captivating Hearts Everywhere!

In a heartwarming tale from the animal kingdom, a pair of tiny bear cubs, Ridgeway and Bonnie Blue, have been saved from abandonment.

Discovered by the roadside of Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina, the siblings’ journey to safety is nothing short of endearing.

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The duo’s fate was unknown after being found without their mother. Appalachian Bear Rescue (ABR), an animal rescue organization based in Tennessee, was responsible for their well-being.

Despite having been on their own for a day, the two-month-old cubs were thankfully in reasonable health, albeit a little dehydrated.

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ABR’s Facebook update mentions how Ridgeway was initially sluggish but quickly bounced back with some Pedialyte aid.


Their journey since the rescue is an awe-inspiring saga of survival and growth, shared diligently by ABR.

The moments captured, from Ridgeway taking pleasure in his bottle to Bonnie Blue mastering the art of drinking from a bowl, are sure to warm your heart. And the playful wrestling between the two? Irresistibly cute!

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ABR’s goal is to guide these cubs until they’re ready to return to the wilderness of North Carolina.


They will remain in their comfortable enclosure until they become self-sufficient eaters. Subsequently, they’ll be moved to an outdoor setting to acclimatize to a more natural habitat.

The primary challenge lies in preserving their wild instincts, despite being in human care. Minimizing human contact is key, and their progress is monitored remotely through a baby monitor.

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Despite their petite size, these cubs are full of wild spirits. They’ve demonstrated their strong distaste for human contact, reminiscent of their wild counterparts.


Ridgeway was even seen challenging his vet in one of the snapshots!

According to one of their caregivers, “The male is gentle and calm but will huff and blow at the curator when approached,” she noted.

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“The female is aggressive and smacks and blows at the curator when approached. She is also a biter but, thankfully, doesn’t have her big girl teeth in yet!”


Their mother’s fate remains a mystery, but one thing is clear. The caregiver emphasized, “She did a good job teaching them to be wild little bears.”

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Watch the video below:

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