Rescued Pup Angel Finds a Loving Home After Harrowing Ordeal

In a heartwarming turn of events, a puppy named Angel and her seven siblings were found abandoned shockingly, stuffed inside a bag of dog food, and left in a trash bin.

The discovery was made by Nicole Olsen and Ella Harper’s sprat, who were drawn by the cries emanating from a trash can at a truck stop in Murray, Australia.

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The distressing incident unfolded on November 1st as Nicole and Ella traveled between Wigley Flat and Kingston through Murray, Australia.


Investigating the source of the distress, Nicole lifted the lid of the bin to find two 40-pound bags of dog food, tightly bound with wire, atop each other. Beneath the bags were the helpless puppies in urgent need of aid.

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Concerned for the welfare of the puppies, Nicole promptly contacted her family for assistance rescuing them.

With her cousins’ help, the puppies were transported to Nicole’s home in Gawler, where they received immediate care.


Despite their dire condition—infested with parasites and fleas—it was evident that abandonment was intended to seal their fate.

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The journey home was critical, with the two sickest puppies requiring constant attention to stay conscious.

Tragically, one of them succumbed to their illness before reaching the veterinary clinic, while the other had to be euthanized due to severe medical complications.


The remaining six puppies, three boys and three girls were rescued in time. Despite their flea-infested, dehydrated state, they received thorough treatment and care at the RSPCA’s veterinary clinic in South Australia.

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Describing the ordeal, the RSPCA’s chief inspector condemned the act as a heinous case of animal cruelty, emphasizing the grim conditions the puppies endured.

The survival and subsequent recovery of the six puppies brought a glimmer of hope. Among them, Angel, distinguished by her red coat and affectionate demeanor, captured the hearts of Nicole and her family.


Following her remarkable journey from abandonment to rescue, Angel found her forever home filled with love and care.

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