Safari Visitors Stunned as Lioness Unlocks Car Door with Her Teeth in South Africa

While tourists are often warned to remain in their vehicles at safari parks, they seldom consider locking their doors. However, a group of holidaymakers in South Africa discovered the importance of doing so when they encountered an incredibly resourceful lioness.

Kaylene and Cindy, tourists visiting their parents in South Africa, managed to film their remarkable experience as a lioness approached their car and opened the door using her teeth.

The sisters were chatting and capturing footage of a pride of lions lounging in the sun when the curious lioness stood up and walked toward their vehicle.


Watch the video at the end.

Tourists Film The Terrifying Moment A Lioness Opens Car Door With Her Teeth
Source: Daily Mail

As the lioness neared the car, the sisters continued to take pictures and film the encounter. They noticed the lioness’s nose pressed against the door and her head visible through the window. To their amazement, the big cat leaned down and unlocked the door with her teeth.

The door opened halfway before the sisters managed to slam it shut again, followed by screams and laughter.


One sister asked if the door was locked, while the other hoped it was. Their mother commented that they would have a great story to tell after this experience.

The lioness sat with her pride before idly standing up and strolling over to the car. Source: Daily Mail

Joshua Sutherland, the girls’ brother, originally uploaded the video a year ago, but it recently gained viral attention after being shared on Reddit.

Commenters referred to the event as “Meals on Wheels” and debated the common knowledge of locking doors during a safari.

The big cat appears to sniff around the car and peer in the window with curiosity. Source: Daily Mail
Then, before the tourists realize what is happening, the lioness manages to almost fully open the door. Source: Daily Mail

Watch the video below:

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