Saving Kenya’s Elephants: A Tale of Triumph from Poisoned Arrows to Rescues

In the heart of Kenya, a dedicated team known as the SWT/KWS Sky Vet program is on a mission to safeguard the country’s precious wildlife.

Their incredible efforts spanned from October 2018 to January 2019, a critical period for protecting the region’s diverse species.


During those four months, the Sky Vet program responded to 12 wildlife cases, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to animal welfare.


They often relied on the remarkable SWT helicopter, which provided essential mobility to reach needy animals.

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In one instance, they even used an outsourced aircraft for elephant darting operations, search, and monitoring missions, highlighting the program’s versatility.

Elephants, these magnificent yet vulnerable creatures, were the primary focus of the Sky Vet program’s work.


Eleven of the 12 cases involved these gentle giants, each facing unique challenges.

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The cases ranged from the heartbreaking tragedy of poisoned arrows to the grim reality of snares and spears.

Two cases were due to natural causes, underscoring the complexities of wildlife health, even without human-inflicted harm.


Notably, one case was a rescue, emphasizing the program’s holistic approach to wildlife conservation.

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The success of the Sky Vet program is nothing short of remarkable. Their rapid response to emergencies and expert veterinary care played a pivotal role in saving these incredible creatures. Among the 12 cases they addressed, an impressive 83% achieved success.

Without their dedicated and immediate intervention, most of these animals would have succumbed to their injuries.


In Kenya’s vast and untamed landscapes, the Sky Vet program shines as a beacon of hope and healing.

Their unwavering dedication and expertise ensure that these majestic animals can continue to roam the wilderness, inspiring generations to come.

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