Scarlett Johansson and Sydney Sweeney Spark a New Red-Carpet Trend: The Peek-a-Boo Bra

A fresh red-carpet trend has captivated evolving fashion norms, as witnessed at recent upscale festivals.

Scarlett Johansson and Sydney Sweeney have showcased a chic, less revealing alternative to the never-fading sheer-dress trend – the tantalizing ‘peek-a-boo bra’ illusion.

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Johansson graced the Cannes premiere of Wes Anderson’s latest masterpiece, “Asteroid City,” clad in a bespoke Prada outfit.


The light pink column dress subtly revealed what appeared to be a thin-strapped white bra. On closer inspection, though, it was evident that the ensemble was a single piece, with beaded triangle tops as a refined touch.

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Sydney Sweeney referred to as the new-gen Scarlett Johansson, also joined the trend at the festival.

She wore a white slip dress alongside a baby blue Miu Miu bra intended to be displayed. It mirrored the vibrant magenta Miu Miu bra sported by Nathalie Emmanuel, solidifying the fashion trend.


This stylistic approach enables a seamless blend of allure and practicality, allowing one to maintain a strapless look without the usual worries.

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Daniele Venturelli

Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley also endorsed this burgeoning style. She stunned the red carpet in a Fendi couture gown accentuated by a bra-like triangle top and spaghetti straps.

She was present at the same premiere as Johansson, luckily showcasing a different color palette, avoiding fashion clashes.


In another sighting, Sydney Sweeney was spotted exiting the Cannes’ Hotel Martinez, displaying a silky white slipdress layered over a peek-a-boo powder-blue bra.

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Daniele Venturelli

This bold style spreads its wings, with fans eagerly waiting to see if fashion icons like Zendaya or Anya Taylor-Joy will soon adopt it.

Unfortunately, the peek-a-boo bra trend hasn’t hit mainstream stores yet, leaving fashion enthusiasts creatively trying to replicate it with sequins, old bras, and strapless cocktail dresses. A glue gun and some threads, and voila, you can join the trend!

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Dominique Charriau

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