Scarlett Johansson Stars in Prada’s Vibrant Galleria Handbag Campaign for Summer

Prada’s renowned Galleria handbag is undergoing a summertime makeover, featuring the esteemed actress Scarlett Johansson in its latest campaign.

Introduced in 2007, the Galleria draws inspiration from Milan’s iconic shopping gallery, where Prada’s legacy began in 1913.

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Marking her first official collaboration with Prada, Scarlett Johansson brings a fresh perspective to the Galleria handbag in the campaign titled “The Glass Age.”


Captured by conceptual artist Alex Da Corte, known for his innovative visual style, the campaign explores the dynamic relationship between Prada’s iconic pieces and cultural icons.

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Da Corte’s artistic vision infuses the campaign with elements of Pop and Surrealism, showcasing Johansson and the Galleria handbag in a whimsical universe of vibrant color-blocked palettes and illusionary visuals.

Each image tells a unique story, evoking emotions and nostalgia through Johansson’s cinematic presence and captivating poses.


Reflecting the season’s spirit, the campaign presents the Galleria handbag in a spectrum of new tones, including a limited-edition color-blocked palette never seen before.

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This updated take on the timeless silhouette adds a modern twist to the iconic accessory, elevating its status for the summer.

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