Scarlett Johansson’s Dream Role for 20 Years: A Disney Princess

Scarlett Johansson’s illustrious twenty-year cinematic journey has seen her portray diverse characters, from an enchanting AI to a butt-kicking superhero, with many compelling human personas along the way.

However, one coveted role remains elusive – a Disney princess. In a recent interview, the Tony-winning star shares this aspiration, one we believe would be a hit with audiences.

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The New York Times delved into Johansson’s career and her dream role aspirations for her daughter, Rose, born in 2014. “My daughter is still young.


We share the same fantasy that I will be a Disney princess one day, but the chances are slim. I’ve been pursuing this dream role for two decades, but no one has cast me yet,” Johansson disclosed.

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Earlier this year, Johansson did lend her voice to a character in a Disney movie – a python named Kaa in ‘The Jungle Book.’

While it was an admirable performance, it’s not quite the princess role that most young girls fantasize about.


However, we at would eagerly anticipate Johansson’s alluring voice and dynamic persona, bringing a fresh, empowering perspective to a Disney princess character.

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Considering her record-breaking box office prowess – she was named the highest-grossing actress in Hollywood in 2016 – this public revelation may spark some interesting discussions.

Johansson also expressed how the rising number of women in the film industry has positively impacted on-screen character depictions.


“Audiences may be more receptive to more nuanced character narratives now, providing an opportunity to project those on the screen,” she says. “People want relatable content. As a society, we are increasingly accepting and appreciating life’s diversity.”

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