Scarlett Johansson’s Insights on Jealousy in Relationships

Scarlett Johansson, renowned actress and wife of Colin Jost, opened up about her experiences with jealousy in romantic relationships.

Despite her past marriages to Ryan Reynolds and Romain Dauriac and relationships with co-stars like Josh Hartnett, Johansson believes jealousy can be a natural part of caring for a partner.

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As a mother of two, Johansson reflects on her past relationships and the lessons learned. In an interview with Esquire, she shared her evolving perspective on jealousy, admitting that she became more susceptible to it as she grew more serious about her partners.


Johansson, who was once married to French journalist Romain Dauriac, acknowledged the cultural influence on attitudes towards jealousy, quipping, “Look, I’m with a Frenchman. I think jealousy comes with the territory.”

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She preferred partners who show occasional jealousy, seeing it as a sign of emotional investment.

However, Johansson draws a line at pᴀssive-aggressive jealousy, deeming it unattractive and a display of insecurity.


In an interview with Marie Claire, she emphasized the importance of trust and communication in a healthy relationship, condemning controlling behavior.

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Despite her past experiences, Johansson found happiness with Colin Jost, citing their mutual faith in the relationship and acceptance of each other’s differences as the keys to their successful marriage.

Through her journey, Johansson’s insights shed light on the complexities of jealousy in relationships and the importance of finding a balance between caring and possessiveness.

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