Scarlett Johansson’s Revelations: Working with Bill Murray in ‘Lost in Translation’ and Its Impact on Her Career

In an interview with Howard Stern, Scarlett Johansson delved into her experience working alongside Bill Murray in the iconic film ‘Lost in Translation’ and how it marked a pivotal moment in her Hollywood journey.

Before ‘Lost in Translation,’ Scarlett Johansson had already built a substantial resume with numerous TV and film roles.

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However, she credits this particular movie with transforming her career trajectory in Hollywood.


Reflecting on the experience, Johansson expressed astonishment at the film’s profound impact, admitting they had no clue of its eventual success during filming.

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Despite being 17 years old then, she was thrilled to collaborate with comedy legend Bill Murray. However, she acknowledged the challenges of working alongside such a towering figure.

Johansson revealed that Murray improvised many of his lines during filming, though they shared mostly scripted dramatic scenes.


She also debunked a rumor about director Sofia Coppola shooting herself in underwear to persuade her to do the same in a scene, clarifying that it never happened.

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The actress recounted her prior encounter with Coppola during discussions for ‘Virgin Suicides,’ revealing that the script was deemed too intense for her at that young age.

However, when Coppola approached her for ‘Lost in Translation,’ she felt the role was tailor-made for her.


The realization of the film’s impact hit Johansson during its screening at the Venice Film Festival. The accolades she received, including a Golden Globe nomination, opened doors to prominent roles in subsequent big-budget films like ‘The Island’ and ‘Match Point.’

Despite her A-list status, Johansson discussed facing sexist inquiries about her wardrobe during promotional events, highlighting the disparity in treatment between male and female actors. She also disapproved of the ” ScarJo ” nickname the press often uses.

Additionally, Johansson shared insights into her recurring role as the host of ‘Saturday Night Live’ and her friendship with co-star Chris Evans, emphasizing her preference for maintaining relationships with non-actor friends from high school.


Scarlett Johansson’s journey from ‘Lost in Translation’ to her current stature in Hollywood is a testament to her talent and versatility as an actress.

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