Seal delighted With Giant Ice Fish Cake On Surprise 31st Birthday

Everyone loves a birthday, can express your love to someone by making them feel special for the day.
This shouldn’t be exclusive to us humans, and it turns out I share this idea with the good guys from the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

On his 31st birthday, Yulelogs, a rescued gray seal, surprised him with a giant ice cake filled with fish. It’s safe to say he loves it!

Yulelogs was rescued as he was a baby in 1989 from a marine park in the north of England. Unfortunately, he couldn’t be released back into the wild.

“However, after a long time in captivity, he had no idea how to feed himself and had grown accustomed to humans,” the Cornish Seal Sanctuary’s official website reads.

“Three months after his release, Yulelogs was rescued by the RSPCA after receiving calls from concerned members of the public saying he had been chasing people with buckets on the beach, believing they contained fish. “.

Later, Yulelogs was saved after apparently getting so used to humans feeding him and had no idea how to do it himself.

When he was rescued this time, he weighed less than a quarter of the standard weight of a seal of the same age in the wild.
“It was apparent he needed care, so the RSPCA asked the Cornish Seal Sanctuary if they would provide a permanent home for him,” the website reads.

Now, Yulelogs is 31 years old and lives in the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

Everyone in the sanctuary loved the cheerful and enthusiastic young man Yulelogs. So everyone joined in and got him the amazing fish-filled ice cake, and it’s safe to say he loved it!

“Yulelogs absolutely loved her birthday cake. It’s also a great form of enrichment for him, as it requires a bit of thought on how to get the fish out of the cake! “

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