Senior Elephant Freed After 50 Years of Heavy Chains – An Uplifting Rescue Story

Great news for elephant lovers! After being chained for five long decades, a senior elephant has finally regained her freedom.

While animals may sometimes require restrictions, it should only be done when necessary and for the shortest duration possible.

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Animals deserve to enjoy their natural environment throughout their lives and should not be treated as mere possessions. They should be protected, respected, and not kept chained or caged.

Founder of Planting Peace, Aaron Jackson, was motivated by a documentary about the abuse of Asian Elephants.

He immediately booked a flight to Southeast Asia to rescue an elephant in chains. His goal was to give hope to wild animals, especially elephants, who have suffered for many years.

One of the significant highlights of Aaron’s elephant rescue journey was breaking a 50-year-old chain around a female elephant’s neck.

The elderly mammal finally regained her freedom after carrying the 30-foot chain weighing hundreds of pounds for decades.

Her head and neck were strained from carrying the weight, and she lacked proper nutrition due to insufficient food and care.

Aaron mentioned that the clock was ticking, and they needed to get her to the sanctuary. With Aaron’s help, the female elephant trekked for a day, and they even gave her some delicious fruits while taking breaks.

Their arrival at MandaLao Elephant Conservation was remarkable. The senior elephant was flapping her ears out of joy and can now freely walk and eat as many leaves as she wants.

Regaining freedom at an old age is truly touching because the elephant can enjoy her senior years with new friends. She won’t starve to death anymore and will get to be physically active again.

There will be no more tears for the beautiful elephant Aaron rescued. Planting Peace has already given hope and a better future to four elephants.

Besides rescue, the organization also encourages people to stop visiting riding camps. Most visitors are tricked into thinking that all sanctuaries are home to big mammals.

In truth, some places have issues with mistreatment and using elephants purely for business. You can support Planting Peace’s advocacy by visiting their website to learn more about them.

Reach a helping hand, pay it forward, just like Aaron did after watching a documentary. You could also follow their TikTok and Facebook accounts for more elephant rescue updates.

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