Shocking Video: Men’s Reckless Behavior Angers Internet as They Approach Wild Elephants in the Forest

In a genuinely alarming incident, four men narrowly escaped a potentially dangerous encounter after attempting to get too close to a herd of wild elephants.

The incident, captured in a video shared by Susanta Nanda, an officer of the Indian Forest Service, depicts a group of tourists who ventured near a herd of elephants within a forest setting.

Watch the video at the end.


The video showcases an elephant crossing a road with a few young calves. Strangely, the tourists can be heard producing odd noises using their mouths. These sounds startle the elephants, causing them to quicken their pace.

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One of the elephants even initiates a charge towards the group. Recognizing the imminent peril, the men hastily retreat from the scene.

Accompanying the video is a stern message from Mr. Nanda. He cautions, “Reprehensible crowd behavior.


An elephant herd, especially one with a young calf, can exhibit highly aggressive tendencies. Avoid jeopardizing your life by granting them safe passage. They hold the primary right.”

Since its upload, the video has garnered nearly 40,000 views on Twitter. The online community has vehemently demanded stringent actions against the group of tourists.

One user commented, “They should face arrest and prosecution for such thoughtless conduct. One wonders if they would act the same way in the presence of families.”


“Sir, please take action to ensure these individuals face the consequences,” another user posted on Twitter.

“They are susceptible to subsonic, sonic, and ultrasonic sounds. Such noises can be extremely distressing for them, especially the young ones,” explained a third user.

“Strong measures are necessary against these irresponsible individuals,” remarked the fourth user.


“Absurd. Enforcing strict actions against these troublemakers can bring about change,” commented the fifth user.

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