Sleepy Elephant Napping on Thai Highway Causes Traffic Delay – See the Video!

Imagine being delayed on your way to work because an elephant decided to take a nap right in the middle of the road.

That’s precisely what happened to Nattawat Patsungsing, a 57-year-old motorist from Nakhon Ratchasima, northeastern Thailand.

Patsungsing captured the astonishing scene on video as he came across the Indian elephant named Nga-Thong, which translates to “golden ivory” in Thai. The animal lay motionless for about 20 minutes, causing an unexpected traffic holdup.


In the video, Patsungsing approaches the slumbering elephant cautiously, driving slowly to avoid startling the creature.

Elephant Stops Traffic By Taking A Nap In The Middle Of A Thai Highway 1
An elephant called Nga-Thong holds up traffic by taking a nap across the road in Nakhon Ratchasima, northeastern Thailand. Source: Daily Mail

As he zooms in, the elephant’s movements reveal it is in a deep sleep – its legs twitching and ears flapping.

After some time, Nga-Thong finally wakes up and stands, staring at Patsungsing as he reverses his car.


Throughout the encounter, Patsungsing addresses the elephant as “little boy” and “sir,” pleading for it to move so he can continue to work.

Elephant Stops Traffic By Taking A Nap In The Middle Of A Thai Highway 2
Motorist Nattawat Patsungsing, 57, was made late for work by the stubborn beast, which lay on the road for about 20 minutes. Eventually, he kicks his legs and stands up. Source: Daily Mail

According to local wildlife officials, Nga-Thong is known to rest on warm concrete roads but usually keeps away from heavy traffic.

The elephant is described as shy and often only seen by national park officers.


Although Patsungsing arrived late for his shift that day, he expressed happiness for the rare opportunity to witness Nga-Thong up close. Don’t miss the incredible video of this once-in-a-lifetime encounter!

Elephant Stops Traffic By Taking A Nap In The Middle Of A Thai Highway 3
Once Nga-Thong stands up, he stares at Mr. Patsungsing as he slowly reverses away. Wildlife officials said the elephant often lies on the concrete road for warmth. Source: Daily Mail

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