Snow-Loving Elephant Delights in Winter Wonderland at Berlin Zoo

In the heart of Berlin, the local zoo witnessed a heartwarming scene this week as elephants embraced the wintery charms, engaging in snowball fun and savoring their frosty creations.

Amidst the snowy backdrop, Ko Raya, a spirited Asian elephant, took center stage by frolicking and rolling in the snow within her enclosure at Zoologischer Garten. The chilly temperatures, lingering below zero, seemed no deterrent to her playful antics.

Image 538
Asian elephant Ko Raya played in the snow, coating herself in the white stuff

As Berlin braces for even more snowfall, Ko Raya’s joyous reaction promises to continue. The city had already received a whopping 12 inches of snow on a magical Christmas night.


The sight of these majestic creatures reveling in the snow is particularly special. In their natural habitat, Asian elephants seldom encounter snow, with their domain spanning countries like Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, and parts of Nepal and Malaysia, among others.

Image 539
An elephant lifts a snowball it made with its trunk at the Berlin zoo on Monday

Yet, Ko Raya, born in March 2009 right here at the Berlin Zoo, is entirely accustomed to the chilly climate.

A radiant beam of tropical sunshine, Ko Raya brings a touch of Thailand’s charm to the frosty setting, a testament to the captivating diversity of the animal kingdom.

Image 540
Unfortunately, if the elephant was trying to get clean, the snow will be less effective than throwing water on himself
Image 541
The elephant then threw the snowball with its trunk
Image 542
DELICIOUS! An elephant slips a snowball into his mouth as forecasters predicted even more snow in the German capital
Image 543
Snow fight! These three pictures, taken in sequence, show the Berlin elephants throwing snow on one another

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