Sofia Coppola Reveals Connection Between Scarlett Johansson’s Characters in “Lost in Translation” and “Her”

Renowned filmmaker Sofia Coppola recently shed light on the intriguing connection between the characters portrayed by Scarlett Johansson in her films “Lost in Translation” and “Her.”

The 2023 Venice Film Festival showcased myriad cinematic creations from esteemed directors, including Coppola, recognized for her poignant work “Lost in Translation,” which earned her an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

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Amidst the screening of her latest project, “Priscilla,” based on Priscilla Presley’s life, Coppola took the opportunity to reflect on “Lost in Translation” during a press conference commemorating the film’s 20th anniversary.


Coppola’s acclaimed masterpiece delves into the complexities of relationships, inspired by her own experiences, particularly the end of her marriage to director Spike Jonze.

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The film follows Scarlett Johansson’s character, Charlotte, as she navigates Tokyo alongside her celebrity photographer partner, played by Giovanni Ribisi.

Amidst their interactions, Charlotte forms an unexpected bond with a fading movie star, portrayed by Bill Murray.


Interestingly, Coppola’s personal life intertwines with her cinematic narratives, as viewers draw parallels between Johansson’s character and the filmmaker herself and Ribisi’s character with Jonze.

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This connection extends to Jonze’s film “Her,” where Joaquin Phoenix’s relationship with Rooney Mara’s character mirrors aspects of Coppola and Jonze’s dynamic.

Coppola admitted to apprehension towards watching “Her,” expressing reluctance stemming from perceived similarities evident in the trailer.


Despite the acclaim surrounding the film, Coppola confessed to avoiding it, joking about her reluctance to witness Mara portray her character.

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Additionally, speculation arose regarding Anna Faris’s character in “Lost in Translation,” drawing comparisons to Cameron Diaz, known for her role in Jonze’s “Being John Malkovich.”

Coppola dispelled these rumors, clarifying that Faris’s character was not based solely on Diaz but rather a composite of various personalities.


Further insights into Coppola’s journey surfaced as she recalled an incident at the “Lost in Translation” premiere, where director Michel Gondry reprimanded her, inadvertently belittling her efforts while attempting to support Jonze.

Coppola revealed that Gondry later apologized, recognizing his misstep overshadowing her moment.

Sofia Coppola’s revelations offer a deeper understanding of the intricate relationships between her films and personal experiences, enriching the cinematic landscape with layers of authenticity and connection.


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