Special Friendship Between Paraplegic Dog On Wheels And Friendly Horse (Video)

Friendship plays an essential role in our life. Furthermore, friendship doubles our joys and divides our sorrows.

The friendship of animals is more special because they can befriend and get along with animals of different species.

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The case of Klara and Angela will prove that the friendship between animals has no barrier. Here is a special friendship to help brighten your day.

The special friendship started when the paraplegic dog Klara met Angela, the horse, on a beautiful day. They shared a very strong bond and became inseparable. A new cute friendship was born!

As you could see in the video, Angela tried to catch Klara while Klara was running on the road. Klara could move easier with a wheelchair was attached to his hind legs.

The friendly horse seemed to become a hero to protect the small dog. He ran after his new friend, and they had a lot of fun times together.

Some people left cute comments about the video; here are some comments that we would like to show you:

“Look how protective the horse is! They are best friends!”

“From my own experiences, as well as the thousands of videos here has just re-enforced my belief that animals are much more intelligent and have real and deep emotions than many believe.

Humans can learn a lot by mirroring the love, kindness, acceptance, compassion, and patience our animal friends show us every day. How people can ignore or hurt them is beyond me, as they are truly pure beings.”

“This is the sweetest thing I have seen today.”

“What an unlikely friendship between different species!”

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