Startled Louisiana Couple Discovers 5ft Alligator Inside Their Home Through Doggy Door

A Louisiana couple was surprised when they discovered a 5-foot alligator had made its way into their home through the doggy door in the middle of the night.

Don and Jan Schultz, who recently relocated to Louisiana, were abruptly awakened when their seven-year-old dog, Panda, began growling at the intruding reptile.

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A couple who recently relocated from Arizona to Louisiana had an unexpected encounter with local wildlife when they discovered an alligator inside their home

Intrigued, Don investigated the commotion and found himself face-to-face with one of the state’s renowned inhabitants in the darkness of their home.


Reflecting on the encounter, Don shared, “It was quite an experience. We’re getting the full Cajun experience,” as the couple adapts to their new surroundings in Louisiana after moving from Yuma, Arizona.

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Don and Jan Schultz were woken up after their seven-year-old dog, Panda, growled at the threatening five-foot-long reptile.

A video captures the moment fish and wildlife experts apprehended the hissing alligator in the hallway of the Schultz’s residence.

Despite resistance, the gator was eventually secured with a noose around its snout and escorted out of the couple’s house.


Jan expressed gratitude for their assistance, saying, “We’re really grateful for the Sheriffs and Fish & Wildlife. We thoroughly dispatched the creature from our home, and I guess it’s off swimming in the bayou somewhere.”

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The five-foot-long alligator had made its way into their home through the doggy door

In response to the incident, the Schultzs have taken measures to prevent a similar surprise in the future.

They have replaced their doggy door with one that only opens for their pet, ensuring no other creatures can enter seeking shelter.


“We are taking precautions and locking the doggy door, which will only open with the dog’s collar.

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The couple immediately dialed 911, and authorities arrived to deal with the creature

We don’t want another surprise like this in the future,” stated Jan, emphasizing their commitment to avoid any further unexpected encounters.

Image 66
Video shows fish and wildlife experts capturing the hissing gator in the hallway of their home
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The alligator didn’t go quietly and could be seen thrashing about as it had a noose put around its snout before being dragged out from the couple’s house
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The gator had both pairs of legs tied down as it was hauled away from the home
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The couple’s dog, Panda, saved the day by alerting them after growling in the middle of the night

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