Starving Elephant Crashes into Thai Kitchen for a Rice Snack!

In a spectacular event, a famished elephant burst through the kitchen wall of a family’s home in Hua Hin, southern Thailand, to snatch a bag of rice in the dead of night.

The adult male elephant, known as Plai Bunchuay, detected the scent of food and invaded the residence at 2 am on Sunday.

Rachadawan Phungprasopporn and her spouse were startled awake by the commotion and rushed to their kitchen to investigate.


The couple was stunned to find the massive elephant, with its enormous ivory tusks, using its lengthy trunk to search their cupboards. The elephant even snatched a plastic bag of rice and stuffed it into its mouth.

El’s kitchen! A hungry wild elephant poked its head through a family’s kitchen wall to steal a bag of rice in Thailand. Source: Viral Press

Rachadawan shared that her husband helped chase the intruding elephant away, and it retreated into nearby woods. She explained that Plai Bunchuay is notorious in the area for causing trouble.

She recalled that the elephant had visited their house two months prior but hadn’t caused any damage.


Following advice from local wildlife officers, the family ensured not to leave food out in the kitchen as the aroma attracts elephants.

The bull, named Plai Bunchuay, sniffed out the food and smashed through the house in Hua Hin, southern Thailand, on Sunday morning at 2 am. Source: Viral Press

She was repairing the damaged wall costs around 50,000 Baht (£1,140). Rachadawan expressed her amusement at the bizarre incident but also voiced concern about the possibility of the elephant returning.

Approximately 2,000 Asian elephants inhabit the wild in Thailand, but conflicts often arise when encountering humans on roads or in villages.


National Park staff, who manage the protected woodland where these elephants reside, believe that the animals’ behavior has evolved due to the availability of human food.

Rachadawan Phungprasopporn and her husband were awakened by the noise and rushed to the kitchen to see what had happened. Source: Viral Press

Conservation officer Supanya Chengsutha explained that the most plausible reason for the elephant’s actions is its attraction to the smell of the food.

She added that while food availability in the jungle remains constant, individual elephants may experience changes in behavior and taste, leading them to prefer human food.


Additionally, hunters and traps in the jungle could have driven the elephant away from the dense forest and closer to human settlements.

The wild beast knocked over a number of pots and pans as it rummaged around in the kitchen for food. Source: Viral Press
Rachadawan said her husband helped shoo the beast away, which disappeared into nearby woodland. Source: Viral Press

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