Stolen Baby Donkey “Moon” Returns to Distraught Mother

A heartwarming tale of a baby donkey named “Moon” unfolds in England, where she was tragically abducted from Miller’s Ark Animals farm in mid-May.

Not yet weaned from her mother, the innocent foal was the center of a global outcry as her distressed mother cried inconsolably after the senseless kidnapping.

After two weeks of separation, there’s finally good news – Moon has been rescued and reunited with her frantic mom.


Just two months old at the time of her abduction, Moon’s welfare became a significant concern since she hadn’t even been weaned yet.

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The desperate farm owners in Hook, Hampshire, launched a search effort supported by the caring community and animal lovers worldwide.

Thankfully, Moon’s journey to safety came to a happy conclusion. Thames Valley Police, in coordination with the farm owners, found Moon over 60 miles away in Buckinghamshire, safe and well.


The heartwarming reunion between Moon and her mom was captured in a touching video. Elizabeth Miller, the farm’s owner, embraced the adorable donkey, whispering affectionately as Moon swished her tail with joy.

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The vigilance of a concerned citizen, who spotted Moon at a stable, played a crucial role in bringing her back home.

The outrage over Moon’s kidnapping was fueled by the realization that a young donkey like her depends on her mother for survival. Separation at such an early age could have been detrimental, jeopardizing Moon’s health and well-being.


The nationwide “donkey hunt” sparked by the news of her abduction led to an outpouring of support and ultimately helped reunite Moon with her beloved mother.

Elizabeth Miller expressed overwhelming joy and gratitude: “We are beyond ecstatic. We are thrilled that Moon and Mum are back together.”

The reunion marks a new beginning for Moon and her mother, Astra, as they rediscover their bond with each other. The farm’s caretakers promise to shower the duo with love and care, ensuring their happiness.


Moon’s safe return is a testament to the power of collective effort and compassion, showcasing how people from all walks of life can unite to protect and bring hope to innocent creatures in need.

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