Stray dog ​​refuses to be separated from its elephant friend for the last hour

Meet Pɑncɑke, once ɑ strɑy dog ​​roɑming the streets of Thɑilɑnd; she is now ɑ significɑnt pɑrt of the Boon Lott Elephɑnt Sɑnctuɑry (BLES).

The sanctuary focuses on capturing old elephants; for example, in the image below, a dying old elephant is being stroked and comforted by his friend Boon Thong.

A few years later, it was Boon Thong’s moment of need, and luckily for her, she has people around her, just like she did for her friend a few years ago.
I bet she didn’t expect that Pancake had to rush to her as soon as she realized Boon Thong wasn’t feeling well.

Pancake, who is clearly not an elephant, enjoys the peace and quiet of the sanctuary, which means she’s the perfect fit.
So Pancake and Katherine Connor, founder and CEO of Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary (BLES), sat with Boon Thong for hours as they remembered her life and said goodbye.

Boon Thong has a pretty good life; she is over 60 years old and was rescued from the equestrian camp 5 years ago.

“She was used to carrying tourists on her back for hours on end, and after doing this for almost 30 years, she almost broke her back,” explained Katherine.

She was clearly exhausted when she arrived at the sanctuary, but it didn’t take long for her to realize how different life was here.
In the end, she was able to be truly free, discover herself, what she likes and doesn’t like, and was actually able to roam and feed in a forest.

“She is free to take control of her life, make her own decisions, express herself,” Katherine wrote in a tribute this week. “Boon Thong is a creature of habit. She has her favorite places in our release zones that she will always engage in our daily walks. She always scratches on the same tree, and she always stops at the same spot in the stream to throw mud on herself.
Pancake and Katherine sat with Boon Thong for nine hours as she slowly walked over to the other side.
“Pancake, with that beautiful heart of hers, never once left Katherine or Boon Thong,” BLES wrote on Facebook. “She knew she needed support, and she lay quietly beside Boon Thong until the sunset – until her last breath.”

Boon Thong is reverently buried with fruit and surrounded by her old friends so she can always be close to those she loves and loves her.

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