Stunning images of Africa captured using a drone show the beautiful vast savanna

One high-flying wildlife photographer has taken stunning photographs of Africa from above, including a lovely big savanna and a rather inquisitive giraffe.

One of the pictures shows a bemused giraffe in its natural habitat looking straight up at a drone. The drone is no more than a few meters away, yet the giraffe appears completely calm.

The drone image was captured by wildlife photographer Chris du Plessis who flies drones throughout Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana.

Along the way, he photographs the breathtaking scenery and captures unique aerial shots of giraffes, wildebeests, elephants, and hippos.

Chris works in Germany and Africa, and he also uses drone photography to advertise lodges and tourist destinations.

‘I’m not sure how many animals are in there,’ he added. ‘It’s astonishing how calm they are.’ I don’t fly too close to the creatures since I don’t want to startle them, but on occasion, with a drone as little as one meter from an animal, they won’t even notice it.

‘They must believe it’s just bees or something.’

A curious giraffe in Africa looks up at a drone used by wildlife photographer Chris du Plessis to capture wild animals in their natural habitat
Hippos swim in a group, unaware of the drone flying nearby. The photographer says with a drone, he can get as close as one metre from the animals and they don’t even notice
A herd of puku, a medium-sized antelope found in wet grasslands, are captured in their natural surroundings
A lone elephant is photographed looking at the camera in a close-up shot. ‘They must think it’s just bees or something,’ said Chris
Chris splits his time between Germany and Africa and captures shots of giraffes, wildebeest, elephants, and hippos (pictured) on his travels
Six wild dogs relax in the sun in a unique shot taken as part of the wildlife photography shots in the savanna
African buffalo are pictured moving in a herd, completely relaxed about the drone flying nearby