Stunning photos show the moment a brave swimmer dives with manta rays

Photographer Alex Voyer, 42, took these pictures of his wife Marianne Aventurier, 43, swimming with the big fish while she was freediving in the sea near French Polynesia.

The couple is professional underwater photographers and freedivers and visited the area while sailing around the world, visiting various locations for diving.

The pictures were taken in August and show Marianne in the water while manta rays swim around her.

“This place is iconic for marine life,” said Alex.

“A few days ago, we were moored on a small remote island and discovered that there was a cleaning station for manta rays which came every morning to clean by the little grass fish.

“We decided to spend time around them – even if we knew it was important not to disturb them during this cleaning period.

“They all have a very different behaviour – some of them are curious, and others are shy and reserved.

“I witnessed the amazing moment of some people invited Marianne to fly with them.”

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