Stunning Rediscovery of Rare Leopard in Taiwan, Previously Declared Extinct in 1983

In an astonishing turn of events, a rare species of leopard known as the Formosan clouded leopard has been rediscovered in Taiwan, overturning its previous declaration of extinction in 1983.

This elusive subspecies had not been officially sighted in the wild since 1983, leading to concerns about its survival.

Taiwanese zoologists searched extensively for these magnificent big cats from 2001 to 2013.


Despite their efforts, no traces of the Formosan clouded leopard were found in the designated search area, leading experts to conclude that the species had likely become extinct.

However, recent developments have shattered this assumption. The Formosan clouded leopards have resurfaced, roaming freely in the wild.

The latest sighting occurred nearly four decades ago in Taitung County, Taiwan, and multiple eyewitness accounts from 2019 onwards have corroborated the existence of these elusive creatures. Notably, Paws Planet has confirmed these accounts.


The eyewitness reports compelled a group of determined rangers to take action. Venturing into the wilderness, the rangers were rewarded with not one but two sightings of the Formosan clouded leopards.

This concrete evidence dispels any doubts about the species’ survival and reestablishes their presence in the region.

Liu Chiung, a respected professor at the Department of Life Sciences of National Taitung University, always believed these magnificent creatures were still out there.


According to Liu, the leopard’s exceptional intelligence and evasive tactics made it incredibly challenging to capture them.


His unwavering faith in the animal’s existence has now been vindicated. These findings were reported by Live News 43.

The Formosan clouded leopard is an exceptional predator renowned for its lightning-fast speed and tree-climbing prowess. With lightning-quick agility, it can scale trees in the blink of an eye, a skill possessed by only a few big cat species.


Its ability to descend trees headfirst is equally impressive, adding to its uniqueness. Authorities must take immediate action to protect and restore their dwindling numbers.

The rediscovery of the Formosan clouded leopard in Taiwan is a remarkable event and a reminder of the importance of preserving and safeguarding our planet’s biodiversity.

With this newfound knowledge, efforts can be intensified to protect these extraordinary creatures and ensure their survival for future generations to admire.


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