Surprise Guests in Dog’s Bed: Unearthing Quenda Babies!

Emma Jane Kidd had an unexpected encounter one evening when she approached her beloved dog Merlin’s bed to bid him goodnight.

To her astonishment, she stumbled upon a trio of unfamiliar creatures nestled together for warmth.

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These tiny, apprehensive beings would soon be identified as Quendas, also known as “Southern Brown Bandicoots,” hailing from the marsupial family indigenous to South Australia.


The mother of these vulnerable infants swiftly exited upon hearing Mrs. Kidd’s approach, leaving her offspring vulnerable.

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Recognizing that these Quenda babies couldn’t survive without maternal care, Mrs. Kidd swiftly contacted the Darling Range Animal Protection Team. Their response was swift and sure, ensuring the well-being of these little ones.

A representative from the organization expressed their astonishment, noting, “Quendas typically inhabit backyards and local shrubbery.


It’s not uncommon to encounter them if you reside in the hills. However, discovering them nesting in a dog bed on a porch is rare.”

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Mrs. Kidd’s decision to seek assistance from the experts was commendable. The compassionate team took charge, not only caring for the babies but also using their social media presence to guide others who might face a similar situation.

“These are not dogs!” the shelter emphasized. “The triplets are now under our care and are expected to thrive.”


Quendas are not suitable as domestic pets; they belong in their natural habitat for a healthy and fulfilling life.

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While some individuals have attempted to keep them as pets, the organization strongly discourages this practice.

“The animals should be handed over to licensed wildlife rehabilitators as soon as possible and should not be kept by the public,” urged a shelter representative.

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