Sweet Tooth Unleashed: Massive Brown Bear Raids California 7-Eleven for Candy Treats

An unexpected furry visitor made a midnight feast of the candy aisle at a 7-Eleven in Olympic Valley, California.

A gigantic brown bear strolled into the convenience store, delighting in the selection of candy bars. At the same time, a stunned cashier observed the surprising scenario.

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A 54-year-old cashier, Christopher Kinson, was on his night shift on September 6 when the unusual incident unfolded.

At around 1:30 am, he noticed the entrance door swing open with no apparent customer. Upon looking down, he was astounded to discover the uninvited guest β€” a brown bear indulging in a late-night candy spree.

Hello! A brown bear strolled into a 7-Eleven in California and began helping itself to the snacks while the cashier on duty recorded and shouted at it to leave. Source: Cashier Christopher/SWNS

Kinson, who hails from Wisconsin, expressed his astonishment, “Seeing the door open without anyone walking in was startling. But realizing it was a bear… it was unbelievable.” He mentioned that the bear was larger in person than in the surveillance footage.

The cashier kept a safe distance, ready to fly through the back door if necessary. Despite his initial fear, he soon realized that the bear was primarily interested in the store’s edible offerings.

“Initially, it was scary, but after a while, I knew it was just looking for food. We should always remain cautious; predicting a wild animal’s behavior isn’t straightforward.”

But the bear wasn’t to be deterred, coming back for seconds and even thirds as it enjoyed the tasty treats β€” rummaging through the packages on display. Source: Cashier Christopher/SWNS
At one point, the cashier blocked the door with a broom handle and also tied the door up with what looked like a garbage bag, but it didn’t seem to keep the hungry bear away. Source: Cashier Christopher/SWNS

The bear, seemingly practicing good manners, selectively picked up chocolates individually, mimicking a regular customer’s behavior.

Kinson couldn’t help but find humor in the situation. “Its ‘politeness’ in taking one candy bar at a time was almost hilarious,” he said.

Following a few rounds of indulgence, the bear retreated for a short break. Seizing this opportunity, Kinson attempted to barricade the door with a broom handle and a trash bag. Unfortunately, his efforts couldn’t deter the sweet-toothed intruder for long.

The gentle bear didn’t pose much of a threat to the shift worker, said 54-year-old Cashier Christopher Kinson, who was working at 1:30 am when the fuzzy intruder arrived, but he still had to be careful not to get in the bear’s way. Source: Cashier Christopher/SWNS
The helpless cashier watched as the bear returned to rob the store again and again. Source: Cashier Christopher/SWNS

Kinson explained the bear’s in-and-out maneuver: “It came in, sniffed around, and left after grabbing some food. It repeated this a few times and then disappeared for half an hour. That’s when I blocked the door. We can’t risk becoming their regular food supply.”

Source: Cashier Christopher/SWNS

Watch the video below:

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