Swift Intervention: Lone Elephant Cow Rescued and Treated in Tsavo East National Park

In the remote expanse of Tsavo East National Park, specifically in Bachuma, concerns arose when vigilant tour drivers noticed a lone elephant cow wandering without the company of a herd.

Observing signs of lameness during her solitary excursions, a report triggered a rapid response from the dedicated team at Tsavo East National Park.

Acting promptly, the unit journeyed from their base near Voi to Bachuma to assess the condition of the lone elephant cow.


Upon arrival, they found her engrossed in feeding, seemingly unaware of the imminent assistance awaiting her.

A carefully measured dart containing 16 mgs of Etorphine was prepared and administered from a vehicle to conduct a safe and effective procedure.

The elephant was immobilized within five minutes, though she fell onto her injured limb.


The team, equipped with expertise and compassion, utilized a strategic rope-and-vehicle method to gently flip her over, granting access to the wounded area.

The primary concern was a section of the right front foot’s sole that had peeled off, leaving a raw and sensitive cushion.

This condition caused significant pain during walking. The dedicated veterinary team meticulously cleaned the wound, removing dirt, debris, and necrotic tissues.


The wound was then thoroughly treated with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water, followed by a generous application of tincture of iodine.


To support healing and prevent infection, wetted green clay was applied.

Ensuring comprehensive care for the elephant’s well-being, the team administered long-acting antibiotics and Dexamethasone Hcl.


Graze wounds resulting from the fall were also addressed, underscoring the team’s commitment to managing all aspects of her injuries.

Given her less-than-ideal body condition, the elephant received assistance to stand on her feet.

This successful rescue operation highlights the dedication of wildlife conservation teams to safeguarding the health and welfare of individual animals, contributing to the broader mission of preserving Kenya’s natural heritage.


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