Swift Rescue: Saving an Elephant from Arrow Wound Agony

Amid the untamed wilderness, a young adult elephant found herself in excruciating pain, with an arrowhead lodged in her left rump.

In obvious distress, she tried to alleviate the relentless agony by swaying her tail.

Image 136

This heart-wrenching situation was immediately reported to the vigilant management of the Conservancy.


Time was of the essence, and a rapid response became essential to relieve the suffering of this majestic creature.

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The immobilization process began with administering 15 milligrams of Etorphine Hydrochloride via a 1.5-milliliter dan injected dart from a vehicle.

After eight minutes, the drugs took full effect, allowing the team to position her more comfortably for examination.


During the examination, the source of her torment became apparent: a barbed arrowhead had been lodged in her left rump, likely for nearly a day.

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Driven by compassion and expertise, the team gently removed the arrowhead.

They carefully cleaned the resulting wound, using Hydrogen Peroxide and gauze swabs, followed by a thorough rinse with clean water and applying Tincture of Iodine for disinfection.


To aid her recovery, the elephant received Amoxicillin antibiotics and Flunixin Meglumine anti-inflammatories through injections.

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This marked the beginning of her journey towards healing.

This story is a testament to the dedication and collaboration of individuals committed to the well-being and preservation of wildlife.


Although scars may remain, this young elephant symbolizes resilience and the unwavering commitment to safeguard these remarkable creatures that share our world.

In the face of adversity, her path from pain to healing exemplifies the compassion and unity of those who worked tirelessly to rescue her.

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