Terrifying Chase: Elephant Pursues Car Startled by Speeding Vehicles in Kenya

A dramatic scene unfolded in Kenya as a massive female elephant charged toward a car after being frightened by speeding vehicles on a nearby road.

The elephant loomed over the car, seemingly ready to crush it, before the driver managed to escape as the animal was alarmed by another motorist speeding down the rural road.

Pursuit: A huge female elephant chases after a car after being startled by passing vehicles in a Kenyan national park. Source: Caters News

Mwangi Kirubi, a 43-year-old photographer, captured the breathtaking incident while waiting in a car at Amboseli National Park.

Two vehicles sped past him, triggering the herd’s matriarch to approach a fourth car, where some of Mwangi’s colleagues were waiting. The photographers were forced to flee the scene.

Source: Caters News

Mwangi, hailing from Nairobi, was on a camping trip at the national park when he witnessed the thrilling event.

“We were split into two groups and were in two cars,” he explained. “We were peacefully enjoying the company of the elephants until two other vehicles came speeding towards us, honking for us to make way for them.”

He continued, “I have no idea where they were headed, but they were in a hurry and ignoring the park’s 40kph (25mph) speed limit.

Escape: The photographers waiting in the car were forced to flee when the startled elephant started chasing them. Source: Caters News

I did not think that it had agitated the elephants too much until, from my car, I saw the herd’s matriarch approach the other car, which contained the other photographers and threatened to attack.

Approach: The elephant went after the parked car after two other vehicles had hurtled down the rural road and startled it. Source: Caters News
Arrival: The elephant moved into the dirt track in Kenya’s Amboseli National Park before turning to chase after the vehicle. Source: Caters News
Source: Caters News
Giving chase: The elephant loomed large over the car and appeared poised to trample on it before the driver got away. Source: Caters News
Behind you: The fleeing car and the elephant behind it were captured on camera by Mwangi Kirubi, who was in another car. Source: Caters News
On the run: The elephant’s giant ears appeared to sway from side to side as it chased after the motor vehicle in Kenya. Source: Caters News
Trunk at the ready: The elephant chases after the car, but the motor vehicle eventually manages to outrun the giant mammal. Source: Caters News