Terrifying Encounter: Aggressive Elephant Flips Car in South African Safari Park

In a thrilling safari adventure at the Pilansberg Game Reserve in Johannesburg, Irishman John Somers and his friend met an unexpected perilโ€”a five-tonne bull elephant named Amarula.

Celebrating his 66th birthday, John had booked this South African escapade, anticipating an unforgettable experience with wildlife.

Image 266
Five-tonne elephant tries to barge car off-road in South African safari park

As the two wildlife enthusiasts drove along a dusty road, their encounter with the massive mammal took a dangerous turn.


Amarula, filled with aggression and hormones while searching for a mate, charged toward their grey car.

Image 267
Trunk-to-trunk: Sexually charged bull elephant shows the wildlife enthusiasts in the car who’s boss

The elephant went trunk-to-trunk with the vehicle, exerting its weight on top of it before flipping it over into a ditch like a mere toy car. John and his friend clung to dear life as the terrifying event unfolded.

Fortunately, luck was on their side, and the bull elephant eventually lost interest. Despite the harrowing ordeal, the car’s occupants emerged with only minor cuts and bruises.


Photographer Riaan van Wyk was on hand to capture the bizarre sequence of events from a safe distance.

Image 268
Give it a rest: Massive mammal sits on top of the vehicle driven by 66-year-old John Somers, who was on a birthday trip with a friend

This jaw-dropping encounter serves as a reminder of the untamed nature of wild animals, even in the controlled environment of a safari park.

Visitors must always exercise caution and respect the wildlife’s space to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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Watch the video below:

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