The giant gorilla made best friends with a small baby in the bush

A giant 25-stone gorilla makes an uncanny connection to a tiny dust bush baby – so small it’s smaller than a gorilla’s thumb. Bobo, a gorilla in need of rescue, is captured in adorable pictures hugging his new little friend and curiously staring at him in adorable photos.

After their touching relationship, the ‘fair and gentle’ western gorilla even allowed the bushbaby to crawl around his body. At the Mefou primate reserve, Cameroon, photographer Alex Benitez captured these images.

#1. Best friends who look alike don’t necessarily work well together, as these unique animal friendships indicate. The gorilla cradling the bush baby in the palms of her hand with its 25-stone body is definitely something to see.

In Cameroon, Ape Action Africa is home to about 300 rescued primates, such as gorillas, chimpanzees and monkeys. When Bobo, a 2-year-old western gorilla, came to the refuge in 1994 because his mother was kil.led by

#2. Bobo, our silverback gorilla, got a new playmate last week – a baby in the wild! In a Facebook post, Ape Action Africa said: “During their morning inspections, caretakers were shocked to see him holding the tiny primate with such tenderness.

#3. Elisse O’Sullivan, the representative of Ape Action Africa, believes that the bush baby lived in a gorilla’s cage. According to her, “the bush baby had no fear of Bobo, roaming around his body and spending time in an open grassy area before returning to Bobo.”

#4. Immediately, Bobo’s new acquaintance had attracted the attention of other gorillas, including 3 females, 3 young males and 1 adult male. Robert became very possessive of his little companion, and he kept his distance from the rest of the gang.

#5. While his bandmates, including his favourite Avishag, were curious, Bobo kept them at a distance, making sure no one disturbed his new friend, according to the conservation area. As soon as Bobo’s arms were free, the bush baby jumped down to survey the nearby lawn and then turned back.

You can see their friendship here.

You can help Ape Action Africa care for Bobo and hundreds of other rescued animals by making a donation.

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