The giant whale shark swam to the diver and grabbed his hand asking for help

Whale sharks are enormous, and if you’re swimming and one went past you, you might be a little scared. However, these massive animals are actually complete gentle giants.

Although whale sharks are the largest fish in the sea and can grow up to 40 feet or longer, they are docile fish. Their diet is mainly composed of plankton.

Whales are actually quite friendly and even sometimes allow humans to hitchhike when they swim close. A group of divers became a little curious when they saw the massive fish rub by their hand as they were diving aboard the Solmar V at Roca Partida, near Socorro Island, about 250 miles south of Baja, Mexico.

After taking a closer look, they realized that the whale shark was in distress.

“During our first dive in the morning, we encountered an adult whale shark in distress due to a large rope wrapped around its girth,” Noel Hall wrote with the caption of his YouTube video. “It must have been there for a while, as the rope was studded with thorns and was cutting deeply into the shark’s flesh.”

Later that morning, the diving team returned with a mission to help the whale shark and free it from the rope.

Eco dive in the morning, we located that whale shark again and with Eddy (dive visitor) on the scene using his Go-Pro camera we were able to in memory of the rescue,” Hall wrote. “In the video, you’ll see Dave (the diving instructor) approaching the shark from the front and Dani (the diving instructor) swimming to the shark from above.”

One of the divers pulled out a knife. They quickly began to cut the rope to escape the whale shark.
“You will see Dani successfully cut the rope, freeing the shark swimming away slowly,” Hall wrote. “Finally, you’ll see Eddy’s wife, Gina, the knuckle-bump Dani, as we all celebrate together.”

They swam the giant rope back to their boat and discovered that it was 2 inches in diameter and assumed it might have belonged to an anchor or a mooring line.

“How it wraps around the shark is a mystery,” Hall explained.

Unfortunately, the rope left the whale shark with a scar.

However, the most important thing is that the whale shark survived this moment and will continue with its life. Thanks to these divers, the whale shark is doing well.

Check out the incredible rescue video below!

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