The Kings of the jungle turn out to be natural-born posers as they catch 40 winks during photo shoot

Now, this is a cat nap.

And while many of us would be aghast at the prospect of having our photo taken upon waking up, these lions were happy to be caught on camera right after their snooze.

These stunning pictures of lions were taken at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation, in Kent.

Sleeping beauty and the beast: Lions Tiny and Manzi laze at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Kent, England

Bedhead: Tiny – who is four feet high and eight feet long – is one of three brothers at the wildlife center

Tiny gazes intently at passers-by at the center: The carnivore has built up a reputation for his playful antics, with photographers flocking from all over the UK to picture him

I’m ready for my close-up: Tiny the lion appears to wink at the camera as he whips his mane in the air

The fierce-looking carnivores became the stars of a series of portraits for photographer Carl Stovell at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation, in Kent.

The animals turned out to be pussy cats when it came to having their picture taken, tossing their manes, preening, and fixing the camera with a stare.

Tiny strutted around his enclosure, allowing the 37-year-old photographer to capture these eye-catching pictures, before growing tired of the attention and settling down to snooze.

Mr. Stovell, from York, Yorkshire, said: ‘Lions are known to spend around 20 hours a day doing nothing.

Because he’s worth it: Tiny the lion whips his mane in a pose reminiscent of the famous L’Oreal adverts

Got my eye on you: Tiny took part in a real-life catwalk – confidently posing for his portrait

Open wide: He might be called Tiny, but the animal gave a huge roar as he prowled around his home in the Foundation

Lions can sleep for up to 20 hours a day – but Carl was lucky enough to capture some photographs of the animals wide awake

He has built up a reputation for his playful antics, with photographers flocking from all over the UK to picture him.

Amateur snapper Carl added: ‘Once one of the three brothers started patrolling around his favorite area, I knew my luck was in.

‘Being close to a predator as big as Tiny, who is unbelievably powerful was an amazing experience.

‘The trick for me was to remember to take pictures instead of just standing there in awe.’

Lions are mainly nocturnal and are reputed to sleep or rest for about 20 hours a day.

Because lions do not have a great deal of stamina, they can usually only run fast in short bursts and need to be close to their prey before starting the attack.

They use reduced visibility to target their prey – many kills take place using camouflage or at night.