Video The missing puppy was rescued at night and given a new family

The night will be a nightmare for stray dogs as they have to endure the cold weather, loneliness, and dangers outside.

It is even more dangerous for smaller dogs, who are too weak to fend for themselves. This puppy was very lucky to be rescued by a North African while he was feeding some street dogs at night.

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Under the rain, the poor little dog is trying to run away from the man when he tries to approach her. She thought he was about to hurt her. It took a while for the kind man to get used to the dog and bring her home.

As soon as getting home, he took the dog into his warm kitchen. The dog was given a plate of canned food and a bowl of water, but she preferred good food to cool water because it was cold outside.

No one knew precisely when her last meal was or what she ate at the time, but it seemed she hadn’t had a big meal for that long. Then, the girl looked at her rescuer with grateful eyes. But she is still baffled and scared!


Her cuteness makes the other dogs in the house want to befriend her, but she is never friends with them. She must have been attacked by other animals. The little hooligan dog just wanted to play with her, but he failed the first time.


He tried a second time, calming himself down to say he might not harm her. And this time, he’s just so happy to have another puppy friend. The stray puppy can now be sure she is safe in his new home with her adorable friends.

This night will be very different from the others. Tonight, she won’t have to worry about finding a place to sleep or enduring the cold because she will sleep next to her new owner with the hooligan dog by her side.


The poor pup in the story and all the other stray dogs deserve a happy ending like this. Try to take action to save the dogs and cats on the street. And remember to share this article to inspire others.

Watch the video below:


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