The Shortcut High School Bus is For Cool Kids!

Remember the school bus that took you from home to school? The one you waited for in the mornings to hop on?

The yellow school buses hold a special place in our childhood memories as one of America’s most iconic vehicles. Many of us still recall their interiors and our kids continue to ride them to school.

While there may be slight variations, the overall design and color of school buses remain consistent. Today, we’ll be exploring a unique school bus – “The Shortcut High Bus” – a fascinating creation by car enthusiast Jerry Bowers.


This extraordinary machine combines a 1947 Ford school bus body with a customized Cadillac Eldorado frame. Bowers spent five years completing this ambitious project and now uses it to promote education alongside his wife Brenda.

They drive this stunning school bus to various charity events, raising awareness about the importance of education.

Take a close look at this amazing machine by watching the video till the end. Enjoy!


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