The sweetest pair of frogs caught by the camera hugging each other

It takes a lot of patience for a wildlife photographer to get the perfect shot, but the effort is much appreciated. A lover of the wild as far as he can remember, this Indonesian man has the time of his life to see animals near his place in Bogor with his camera.

Although he was not always interested in photography, Ajar Setiadi once spent hours observing the tiny creatures that often lived around his house. But then he gets even better if he captures these colourful creatures like lizards, snakes, frogs or even insects on a camera. So he bought one, and since then, he’s happier than ever.

Since Ajar spends so much time observing these tiny creatures in their various stages of life, he has managed to capture the sweetest moments along the way. Recently, he witnessed the amusing moment two frogs can ever offer.

It was pouring rain when the talented photographer took the camera through the deep forest, searching for once-in-a-lifetime frames. Grateful for his efforts paid off when he discovered two frogs had turned a flower into an umbrella to shelter them from the heavy rain.

But two tiny tree frogs provided a more special sight. While sitting under the flowers, they just hugged each other and Ajar captured the memorable moment. “I was only able to get a few frames because this moment cannot be repeated,” the photographer explained. “I usually let them act. I’m just waiting for the best moment. ”

You can visit the skilful photographer on Instagram to see more of his amazing work. Follow Ajar Setiadi on Instagram here.

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