The tiniest baby elephant copies everything his mother does

Even for an elephant, the world may be a frigh.tening place. These enormous, docile creatures are one of the most intelligent species on Earth and share some characteristics with humans.

Elephants are a forgiving species that m.our.n their dec.eased friends, assist one another, work and protect those they care about, and have an excellent memory! Elephants are also renowned for baby care.

It is not uncommon for female elephants to care for other baby elephants to acquire motherhood skills before becoming mothers themselves.

This little rescue elephant has found his mother’s side the safest place, and he never wants to leave her side.

Elephants are beautiful animals, famous for their intelligence, long memory, and human friendliness. They are social animals attached to their mates, children, and friends. Unfortunately, elephants are also prone to stress and can suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder!

Somboon, a half-pregnant female elephant, still carries tourists for miles every day until she is rescued from the climbing camp. When she handed Haven over, it was clear that he was special and had a strong connection to his mother.

Haven was still too small to join the herd but had grown too tall to fit underneath his mother.

The sight of this lovely baby elephant following his mother everywhere is enough to warm everyone’s heart. He mirrors everything she does and blows dust through his little trunk when she does! When she picks up the food, he does the same too! He still has a lot to learn before being part of the herd but looks determined to make his mom proud!

“He was inseparable from his mother and tried to copy everything she did,” the video narrator says. “He is an absolute heartbreaker. Every time people come to see him, they leave with a bit of their heart sto.len.”

He never leaves his mother and is always eager to learn from her.

Whenever someone comes to see them, they see Somboon and Haven together because Somboon never goes anywhere without being followed by her calf. He’s there even when she’s munching on her food while he’s busy planning some new mischief! Haven won’t be able to use his trunk until about a year old, which can be frustrating as the long appendage can get in the way!

It doesn’t stop him from using it to play, because after all, Haven, just like any other kid loves his toys!

Growing up is a process, but Haven is eager to learn.
At three months old, Haven weighs 150 kg and is growing day by day, making the baby elephant need to learn to adapt to life as a herd member. The other elephants aren’t in a hurry, giving Haven enough time to adjust while keeping him safe.

He enjoys being around adults and seems to have formed a bond with Sudarat, the herd’s matriarch. Watching him cuddling with other members of the herd is heartwarming. This is also a great demonstration of elephants’ good care in raising their calves and providing them with the social skills needed to function as full-fledged herd members.

We, humans, have much to learn from these magnificent giants.